Youth Ministry

We’re so excited to be part of the CCOC youth group, we have many fun and exciting activities planned for the upcoming weeks. We will be starting a year long Bible study on “The God who creates”. We would love to see our youth group grow so if you have a teen that would like to come join us we would love to have them, Wednesday nights 6:30 to 8:00 food and snacks provided have any questions please feel free to contact us 409-332-3056 Don and Lillie Rossell

Summer Youth Intern

Chris Mixon has joined our youth program. Welcome Chris! CCOC Publicity Team Members recently sat down with Chris to find out a little more about him…

Chris, why do you feel you were called to Youth Ministry?

To share my own experiences and the word of God. I grew up with a very rough Dad, who, among other things, made my siblings eat dog food as punishment. I am dealing with a physical disability at this time but I played sports in high school. I think I can relate to some of the tough stuff kids go through while helping them understand who to turn to for strength. My mom took me to church. My grandparents took me to Vacation Bible School at their church when I visited them.

Tell us a little about when you got saved.

I got saved and baptized when I was 13. I remember every detail, the Pastor, the church, everything.

What have been some of your challenges?

Sometimes I’ve felt like God was testing me. The year my Dad passed away, that same year my daughter was born premature. It was rough. I want to help kids focus on not what they DON’T have, or what they CAN’T do, to what they do have and what they CAN do, with good leadership, good fellowship, and a good message to follow.

What immediate changes have you made in our CCOC Youth program?

First of all I think it’s really important we have a very important CONNECT CARD on every young person in this program, to include things like food allergies. When someone places their child in our care, I want to make sure they know how important it is to us that they are totally safe and protected. I also think it’s important to be on board with how kids communicate these days. I have started a Facebook page for our youth: CCOC Youth Group.

What age group are you trying to reach?

Jr High and High School. If a few younger kids come with their parents who are worker-volunteers, that’s OK.

Do you plan to hold Wednesday night youth activities more in the classroom or the arena?

Both! The majority of kids are gung-ho about our arena. If they don’t have a horse, we bring extras! If they’ve never ridden and want to learn, I say, “C’mon! We’ll teach ya!” I say to kids, “Don’t let ‘I don’t have’ something be your reason for not getting involved in our friendly environment and fellowship!” Due to my disability, I don’t ride right now, but I grew up around cattle and horses and felt God was calling me to this area.


may, 2022

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